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Everybody has, at least, one good story about compelling environmental issues – but often don’t know how to tell it.

What we do is creative storytelling – developing sustainability narratives to create positive change. We believe that the best way to get to the heart and mind of your audience is through engaging stories: this is why we create unique content like short but powerful videos

Whether you are working with hard-to-explain data or complex research findings – we can help you tell your story.  


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BEE is a little-but-big project team that bridges creativity with a passion for sustainability. The team is led by Gyula  who is proud to work with a wide network of amazing environmental specialists, illustrators, communicators, designers and animators.



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Lake Chad report and website

The Lake Chad Basin is currently suffering one of the world’s greatest humanitarian crises, with more than 10 million people in need of immediate assistance. Climate change interacts with the conflict in the region to

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EXTINCT, children’s book

FAQ What is the background of the book? We are facing a world in environmental crisis, where many impacts will be felt within our lifetime - and our children will bear the brunt of them.

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Migration in Climate Change Hotspots (CARIAA infographic)

What are the primary drivers of migration in climate hotspots? Does internal or international migration dominate in these regions? How educated are those who decide to migrate? Are they mostly men or women?   The

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CARIAA (Climate change scenarios)

After we produced a 'teaser video' that provided an introduction to the CARIAA program, one of the biggest climate change adaptation research initiatives, we had another challenge: to visualize CARIAA's findings on what warming of

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Climate Change, Hotspots, Resilience (CARIAA trailer video)

More than one billion people live in so-called "hotspot" regions (deltas, semi-arid lands, and glacier-dependent river basins), which are the most vulnerable to climate change. In order to build resilience in these hotspots the international

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The Future We See (Outreach video)

Reading the often alarming news about climate change and its effects can often make us think that we are on an unstoppable path, with no solution in sight. We tend to forget that in fact,

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