Faces of Covid (Online report)

The Netherlands Red Cross has been actively involved in supporting COVID-19 response projects across various African and Middle Eastern countries, reaching millions of people during this challenging period. The response covered a range of activities in countries like Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Zambia, Lebanon, and the Philippines, addressing different phases of the pandemic from prevention and mitigation to case control.

At BEE, we were tasked with the crucial job of transforming the detailed results and data from these projects into two accessible and informative formats: an interactive report and a podcast episode. Our goal was to not just highlight the impressive work of the Red Cross but also to provide valuable insights for better preparedness in future pandemics and epidemics. By doing so, we aimed to communicate the lessons learned to a diverse audience, including Red Cross Red Crescent National Society staff, health sector partners, and donors. This project reflects our commitment to making complex information more understandable and useful for those involved in global health initiatives.

You can read the report here.

Concept/text: Gyula Gabor Toth, Illustrations: Daniel Szinvai, Web design / programming: COMPACT Studio