Changing Lives, Impacting Worlds (Online report)

The 3FM Serious Request program was a 17-year-long collaborative effort between the Netherlands Red Cross and NPO 3FM radio station, focusing on bringing attention and raising funds for serious, often overlooked crises and supporting vulnerable communities. Each year, the program centered on different themes, ranging from aiding a hospital in Sudan to reducing child mortality from pneumonia, and from assisting mothers affected by armed conflicts to helping young people in war zones. This initiative supported over 155 projects across 52 countries and 9 regions, establishing it as one of the largest initiatives by the Netherlands Red Cross.

BEE was tasked with creating the ‘Changing Lives, Impacting Worlds’ online report for this program. The aim was to produce an informative and accessible digital report which highlights the program’s wide-reaching impact and conveyed its stories to a wider audience, focusing on a clear presentation and interactive elements.

You can read the report here.