Travelling Voices (Story book)

In Europe, many rural communities are confronting challenges such as shrinking populations and limited economic growth. The Ruritage project, supported by the EU, focuses on revitalizing these areas by embracing their unique cultural and natural heritage. Our role at BEE was to bring these stories to life. We embarked on extensive research and organized workshops to guide partner organizations in story collection. We conducted interviews and “traveled” across Europe, gathering narratives that showcase how heritage can be a key to rural revitalization. We compiled these stories into a book, complemented by vivid illustrations, to depict the strength and creativity in rural Europe. Through this project, we aim to illustrate that these communities, rich in history and natural beauty, hold the key to their own sustainable future. This collection aims not just to tell stories, but to inspire and guide similar efforts in rural regions across Europe.
You can read the Travelling Voices book here.
Design/layout: Livia Hasenstaub, Concept/text: Gyula Gabor Toth