Wipe It! (Climate change campaign + video)

After spending years with climate change related topics and campaigns we assumed that we no longer need to talk about the basics: no more “turn off your light”  or “unplug your charger.” It seemed that the majority of the world accepted that climate change is happening without any doubts, and being aware of the cause, many are conscious about personal acts and consequences. However, in recent times it seems that time and “facts” have been reversed. There is a need to start again with explaining the basics: our thoughtless acts can have huge environmental effects, and even a single appliance can leave a massive carbon footprint. But this time, we didn’t design a ‘usual’ awareness raising campaign. We realized the need to change the battlefield – and find a way to find wider, and different audiences. Our new campaign video is therefore tailor-made for cinemas, where people from all walks of life gather. Just as you can’t escape the “turn of your mobile phone” public service announcement prior to a movie screening – we hope that through this medium we can reach more people.

Our Wipe It! campaign approach is simple: making the invisible connection between the not-so-remote coal mine and a bathroom appliance that can be found in almost every single office, mall or cinema toilet. By making this connection, we show the chain of events necessary to operate a hand-dryer, concluding with the message that its purpose can be served with a less carbon-heavy alternative.  For the video, we used a unique and quite detailed paper-cut technique to create each of the individual scenes. Animation elements help to bring each of the scenes to life – all wrapped up in a short, catchy narration. The video is available free of charge for cinemas to screen, and we are also offering a customized option for those cinemas that would like to see their logo or name appear in the video. To see more about the campaign – and some facts behind the topic – please visit our campaign website and be part of the #wipeit movement: http://wipeit.cc

Design: Natália Varga, Typo: Enikő Simonyi, Videographer : Dénes Fellegi, Narrator: Péter Ács, Research: Sarah Czunyi, Director/Concept: Gyula Gábor Tóth