Urban Nature Atlas visual stories

Cities are particularly vulnerable to climate change, and finding effective solutions is crucial to ensure the well-being of urban communities. Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) have emerged as a promising approach, and we are excited to be part of a project that showcases their potential. Central European University has developed the Urban Nature Atlas, the most comprehensive database of NBS projects from around the world, and they have asked BEE to create visualizations explaining two of these projects.

Our team came up with the overall concept and has produced two sets of images, each with a few illustrations and short explanations. The first introduces an open garden in Tanzania’s capital where hand washing water is used to irrigate grapevines. The other one is about a wetland conservation in Harare, Zimbabwe. The first set uses 3D techniques to create an unique visual experience, while the second set features eye-catching drawings and animations that engage and inform. Both sets of images are distinctive, easy to use, and shareable tools that promote NBS to a wide range of audiences. We are proud of our contribution to this project and believe our visualizations will help raise awareness of NBS and their potential to address the challenges of climate change.

Concept/text: Gyula Gabor Toth, Illustrations/animations: Daniel Szinvai, 3D illustrations/animations: Norbert Filus