UNEP / GEO-5 (Report design)

Every few years UNEP (the United Nations Environment Programme) publishes a report on the environmental status of the planet. The fifth report, GEO-5 was released in 2012, accompanied by a media training workshop held in Budapest. The aim of the workshop was to pair journalists and policymakers from the South-East Europe region, to explain the GEO-5 process and results, and produce environmental content relevant for their national audiences . As a result of the three day meeting held in Budapest several articles were written and then published in various countries.

Based on the workshop and the articles, a report titled ‘Spreading the Word’ was published with the aim of providing useful ideas for those who wish to „translate” scientific materials into easily understandable texts for the wider public. BEE provided both writing and editing input, as well as overall design. The design task was simple but with tight limits: we provided the report with a solid but well-structured design appropriately reflecting the importance of the programme, and heeded the clients’ request of limited illustrations.

Co-author: Sarah Czunyi, Design: Lívia Hasenstaub


“Working with the BEE team on the GEO-5 media report was exceptionally smooth sailing. Your contribution to the text, editorial work, and graphic design was efficient, thoughtfully executed, with attention to detail and quality. Not the least, I appreciated your ability to deliver on time.”

– Dr. Laszlo Pinter, Project Leader and GEO-5 co-author