Toolkit for Campaigns (Communication guidelines for cities)

Free, unique and trendy materials for cities to start their own impressive energy efficiency campaigns – this was our goal in creating this toolkit. In the frame of the South-East European RE-SEEties project, we created campaign visuals (here and here) for the participant municipalities in eight countries including Italy, Greece, Hungary, and Slovenia. After the success of the local campaigns, we decided to upgrade the tools and the user manual. Our idea was simple. We realised that a city has a huge potential to reach its inhabitants with positive messages – but it also has to compete with other messages wrapped in eye-catching visuals, like the commercial advertisements that are all around us. Also, too often, a city doesn’t have the human resources to design a campaign or the financial resource to hire a creative agency to realise it.

The RE-SEEties materials are unique, easy to use and customize for a local audience. We provided not just visuals – but the concepts and the campaign ideas behind them. So we thought: why shouldn’t other cities also be able to use the RE-SEEties campaign material? Based on the RE-SEEties experience (with our main partner Energiaklub) we developed this toolkit which can be useful for cities or civil organizations. The guideline outlines the useful steps to setting up and running a campaign, as well as additional ideas. The toolkit provides access to two unique visual lines, with various customizable tools such as city posters and social media outlets.


The toolkit is free to download here (PDF, 694 KB). Feel free to use it, and share it!




Written by: Gyula Gábor Tóth, Orsolya Fülöp (Energiaklub), Design: Lívia Hasenstaub