Toolkit for energy efficiency campaigns

Offering free and unique visual materials to kickstart energy efficiency campaigns in cities has been our primary goal. Initially developed for six European cities as part of the South-East European RE-SEEties project, our campaign visuals and guideline have since expanded to benefit municipalities far and wide.

Our approach stemmed from a straightforward realization: cities possess immense potential to communicate positive messages to residents, but they often struggle to compete with the allure of commercial advertising due to limited resources. Recognizing this challenge, we crafted two distinct creative lines, each offering easily customizable visual materials tailored to the unique needs of every city.

These materials are not just visually appealing; they’re also designed to be easily understood and adaptable for local audiences. We provide not only visuals but also the underlying concepts and campaign ideas, ensuring a comprehensive toolkit for effective communication.

Our first creative line, “Let’s catch the runaway energy” centers around the concept of wasted energy, making the complex topic more accessible through simple messaging and imagery. Meanwhile, “TOGETHER, we can save more” employs a versatile ‘bubble’ approach, allowing cities to tailor topics and visuals to their specific goals and priorities, fostering adaptability and engagement.

Through this project, we’ve developed strategy, visuals, and user-friendly tool packages that empower cities to customize elements to fit their unique needs. From posters to social media assets, our toolkit equips cities with the resources necessary to launch impactful campaigns.

Furthermore, based on implementation feedback, we’ve crafted a comprehensive campaign guideline for broader use in European cities. This collaborative effort, led by Gyula Gábor Tóth in concept, Lívia Hasenstaub in design, and János Orbán in character design, underscores our commitment to fostering sustainable change through accessible and innovative solutions.

Concept: Gyula Gábor Tóth, Design: Lívia Hasenstaub (Let’s catch the runaway energy), Rita Honosi (TOGETHER, we can save more), Energy character design: János Orbán

The toolkit is free to download here (PDF, 694 KB). Feel free to use it, and share it!