Renovator of the Year (Campaign strategy + visuals)

The Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute (MEHI) had launched a national campaign for supporting the energy efficiency-driven renovation of private houses, a campaign for which the strategy and visual profile design was done by BEE.

The campaign on the one hand provides positive feedback for those families who decided to dive into renovating their homes in spite of economic difficulties. On the other hand, through various tools like the dissemination of useful information and data, it inspires those who are yet to decide on replacing their heating system, their doors and windows or to insulate their houses.

Concept: Gyula Gábor Tóth, Design: Enikő Simonyi

‘With a very quick turn-around time, BEE delivered exceptional results for our new renovation campaign! The team’s existing knowledge of energy issues was particularly useful. Overall, we were  impressed with BEE’s assistance in helping us develop our communication strategy, as well as the development of unique and stunning visuals.  We the help of BEE, we did manage to make the impact we wanted.’

– Istvan Bart, Managing Director, Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute, MEHI