PAMS Foundation (RUVUMA Project poster)

Through the Ruvuma Elephant Project, Tanzanian foundation PAMS has set its aim at saving as many elephants as possible from poaching in Southern Tanzania. They do this through regular patrols, air-observations and most importantly by conducting regular trainings for locals in order to prevent the massacre of these amazing animals. The foundation requested us to design a poster which can be put on display at various locations, as an awareness-raising and educational tool.

Landholders have two very simple ways to keep elephants away from their land: by building a fence of chili peppers or by using bees. We selected these two pieces of advice as the core messages of the poster. When selecting the visual language, we decided to use the drawing graphic style popular in Tanzania and chose a unique papercut technique for the production.

Concept: Gyula Gábor Tóth, Design: Rita Honosi

‘We are most grateful to the team from BEE Environmental Communication who designed these wonderful posters especially for our Ruvuma Elephant Project… Not only did BEE do all the artwork, but they did it all done at no expense to us. We have just received delivery of the posters, and they look great! Thank you BEE, we really appreciate your support.’

– Krissie Clark, PAMS Foundation Executive Director