Open Science (Promo videos and tools)

At a time when scientific research and knowledge are becoming increasingly important for our society, it’s crucial that the scientific community operates in an open and transparent manner. This is where open science comes in. Open science promotes collaboration, sharing, and transparency in the research process, leading to better, more impactful research outcomes.

At BEE, we had the pleasure of working with UNESCO on a project that aimed to promote open science and raise awareness of the work that UNESCO does in this field. Our team created a set of tools: the first was a mixed technique video that used animated illustrations and footage to clearly explain the benefits of open science and the role that UNESCO plays in promoting it. The video that we produced is engaging, informative, and visually appealing, making it a powerful tool for promoting the importance of open science to a wide audience. We also created an interview based video giving voice to open science champions from all over the world. Based on a framing concept for the video, we wrote interview questions, developed a technical guideline for interviewees, and conducted the interviews virtually. We made the promotion package full with a set of social media visuals.

We are proud to have contributed to this project and believe that our tools will help to raise awareness of the crucial role that open science plays in advancing knowledge and improving our world.

Directed by: Gyula Gábor Tóth, Design: Lehel Kovács, Animation: Zsuzsanna Bányai, Videographer: Dénes Fellegi, Social Media: Istvan Kemeny, Script: Gyula Gábor Tóth, Narrator: Emily Wold

Interviews/concept: Gyula Gabor Toth, Illustrations: Livia Hasenstaub, Post production: Dénes Fellegi