Next Generation Seychelles (Communication materials + infographic)

The image most conjure of the Seychelles is of long, pristine and white sandy beaches. However, the reality remains that the buildup of seaweed on the shorelines is a major scourge, covering the white sand every year. But this seaweed ’problem’ can also be turned into a resource – it can be used as a biomass source to develop renewable energy. The Next Generation Seychelles project aims to install small scale bio-energy plants, which can be used to convert seaweed and other available organic wastes (e.g. kitchen wastes) into two complementary end products: biofuel and fertilizer.

The pilot plant will be built with simple equipment that would be easy to maintain in the local environment, and into the long term – as well as adaptable and easily implementable to other islands. 


BEE developed all the communication materials for the pilot phase of the project, including the project name, slogan, and initial project material including an infographic which helps to explain the concept and the benefit of the project to local decision makers, hotels and other stakeholders.