Nature helps (exhibition materials)

Extreme heat waves, heavier rainfall, deteriorating air quality – just a few of the challenges cities and people who live in urban environments are facing due to climate change. Nature-based solutions are various actions we can take to address such challenges – inspired by what is already occurring in the natural world. Examples include parks to reduce heat stress, or wetlands and rain gardens that help capture stormwater. NATURVATION is an EU-funded project working with 14 institutions across 6 European countries with the aim to analyse what nature-based solutions can really do in cities and how to realise their true potential. 

BEE was tasked with creating an exhibition targeted at younger, school-aged audiences, to explain the concept and importance of nature-based solutions. Gyor, one of the project’s partner city, was the initial setting for the exhibition. To make the topic relatable and interesting for this young audience, we chose to personalize the topic, presenting everyday challenges faced by urban twins Edina and Adam, and their family and friends. Each challenge is contrasted by a concrete way nature-based solutions can help. BEE used existing landmarks and imagery, also presenting concrete projects in Gyor, to make them familiar to the students who attend the exhibition. We also chose a visual style that is both playful, but also capable of representing some complexity of the topic. The final products we created were: a set of posters, interactive print materials, and a short animation for use on digital platforms.


Concept/text: Gyula Gábor Tóth, Visuals: Anita Nemes, Animation: Dénes Fellegi