Migration in Climate Change Hotspots (CARIAA infographic)

What are the primary drivers of migration in climate hotspots? Does internal or international migration dominate in these regions? How educated are those who decide to migrate? Are they mostly men or women?
The international research program, CARIAA, summarized their 7 years of collaborative research, through a series of briefs. The latest brief gives a synopsis of the recent trends of migration in hotspot regions, which reveals very interesting and novel findings including the role of the changing environment or the importance of gender and education. 
Although the brief itself short, less than 8 pages in length, our team was tasked to make it even more compact – to introduce the main findings in an easy to understand, and visually attractive way.
We designed the CARIAA migration infographic in way that each of the sub-topics can be showcased individually – and the separate infographic ‘boxes’ still aggregate into an organic whole.
Illustrations: Lehel Kovács