Lake Chad report and website

The Lake Chad Basin is currently suffering one of the world’s greatest humanitarian crises, with more than 10 million people in need of immediate assistance. Climate change interacts with the conflict in the region to create a feedback loop of violence, undermining resilience. The Lake Chad Risk Assessment Project (led by the independent think-tank adelphi) was the first to address critical knowledge gaps on climate and fragility risks in the region. The project’s final report, Shoring Up Stability, shows that impacts of climate change must be tackled as part of humanitarian, stabilisation, peacebuilding and development efforts.
BEE’s task was to create the complete communications package for the flagship report, which included its visual identity and the layout design (with the accompanying infographics and maps), along with a unique report website and social media tools to help spread awareness of the report and project results. We created a modern, contemporary visual identity which builds on natural/organic elements inspired by African motifs. 
Design/layout: Anita Nemes, Web: Adrienn Lorincz, Peter Simonyi