Buildings as micro energy-hubs (Infographics)

Buildings are more than simple units that consume energy – increasingly, they are turning into micro-energy hubs that can flexibly consume, produce, store, and supply energy. Buildings therefore have an important role to play in transforming the EU energy market towards a more decentralized, renewable-based system.

BEE was tasked by BPIE (Buildings Performance Institute Europe) to develop infographics on the topic of “efficient buildings as micro energy-hubs”, and create an easily understandable visual logic for this relatively novel topic. We were asked to create not only one large infographic, but one that could also be broken down into three individual stand-alone infographics. We used a clear structure and easy to understand symbols, creating a visual harmony in the large infographic, but ensuring the sections that were broken down also had their own individual style.

Graphic Designer: Enikő Simonyi