CUT the Bills ( Energy efficiency guideline)

Unfortunately more and more families find it hard to finance their monthly energy bills, while the expenditures could be significantly reduced merely by being a bit more attentive. The ’CUT the Bills’ Programme (‘Csekkcsökkentő‘) offers low income families free of charge, personalized home energy advice.  The ’CUT the Bills’ Guidelines also support local governments and non-governmental organizations in designing and implementing similar programmes.


Earlier BEE contributed to the programme by organizing a communications training for future energy advisors of Red Cross and Habitat For Humanity. We also contributed to the latest ’CUT the Bills’ publication not only by creating the design but also by writing and editing the content, on behalf of Energiaklub. Our aim was to present the otherwise thoughtful topic in a playful manner, for which we decided to apply a ‘papercut’ technique that visually distinguishes the issue from other similar publications.

Text: Gyula Gábor Tóth, Design: Rita Honosi