Climate Change, Hotspots, Resilience (CARIAA trailer video)

More than one billion people live in so-called “hotspot” regions (deltas, semi-arid lands, and glacier-dependent river basins), which are the most vulnerable to climate change. In order to build resilience in these hotspots the international CARIAA program supports collaborative research on climate change adaptation to inform policy and practice. CARIAA connects more than 450 researchers and 40 institutions in 17 Asian and African countries through 4 consortia, making it one of the biggest climate change research programs world-wide.

Our team had the task to produce a video trailer that introduces the CARIAA program and to act as a gateway to the website where the in-depth results can be accessed – essentially we had to make a ‘teaser’ to the unique work the program does. We also had the challenge of creating a common voice and identity for the program and it’s consortia, which prior to this video did not have a unifying visual identity.

Keeping in mind that the trailer should peak the viewer’s interest (getting them to visit the website), but at the same time be clearly understandable as well as enticing for both a specialist climate change audience and non-specialists, we decided to frame the video using personal stories from the different hotspot regions.

Through the video, we emphasised the clear and understandable structure and language with strong typo messages, supporting background footage, and unique illustrations that were representative of the program and the 4 consortia.

Directed by/Concept: Gyula Gábor Tóth, Design/Animation: Lehel Kovács, Videographer/Animation: Dénes Fellegi