We are environmental storytellers


Grounded in a firm belief that we can all tell more engaging and effective stories about environmental issues – and achieve positive outcomes. Our team bridges the scientific and creative worlds, and we are dedicated to creating sustainability narratives that can and will create change.


BEE is a little-but-big organic team of environmental and communication professionals. Our small core team is dedicated full time to dreaming and managing all of our work, while each of our individual projects brings together a larger, specialized team from our network of creative and scientific minds.

BEE started as a dream: the idea of creating environmental communication tools that could be as effective as what we find in mainstream media, and create positive behavioural outcomes that benefit rather than harm our environment. Bringing together groups of friends – communicators, designers, videographers, and environmental scientists – to work on different projects proved to be a successful formula. 


BEE has now evolved, with a much wider network of professionals who partner with us for different project needs. Check out our team below.