Evolution of the Energy figure

‘Energy efficiency’ is something that you always hear about, when it comes to issues of energy saving or renewables, yet it is still quite abstract. Yes, energy and its savings can be expressed in technical terms – joules, kilowatt hours, etc. – but how often do our eyes and ears go blank when we hear or read such terms? Given this complexity of the energy efficiency topic, and the difficulty in describing and visualizing it in layman’s terms, BEE had an interesting task when we were asked to come up with an energy efficiency campaign 8 countries in South-East Europe, as part of the RE-SEEties project.

Coming up with the campaign slogan, Let’s catch the runaway energy was in fact the easy part. The next, and most difficult step was: how do we show the runaway energy? We decided to create a figure that represents this abstract concept of energy – and we knew that it had to be simple and modern, but also loveable. Here you can have a glimpse at the evolution of the figure… and the different faces of E, our ultimate energy figure used in the campaign.


Character illustrations: János Orbán. Poster design: Lívia Hasenstaub.