Bee Books

We all know children are much more creative and receptive to change than adults: and we believe that speaking honestly to kids about tough issues will lead to a critical mass of well-informed youth that will change the world.


BEE Books is our new love project: we want to create a unique series of books with outstanding visuals and mind-blowing facts. These books, tailored to the modern child, will raise awareness and spark action on our most pressing environmental problems. In essence: we want to help nurture the next generation of eco-warriors.

So what will these books be about? Our first publication will look at the absurdity of modern plastic consumption – and the devastating effects it has on marine environments. Other books in the series will include the topics of extinction, resource use, and modern electronics. Told through a unique and unusual new perspective, the stories will be truthful, engaging, and we believe: ground-breaking. 


If you are interested in helping to bring this project to life, please get in touch with us about any partnership or sponsorship opportunities.


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