TOGETHER, we can save more (Campaign strategy and visuals)

Along with ‘Let’s catch the runaway energy’, we designed this campaign toolkit for 8 South-East European cities, to run their own energy efficiency campaigns. The challenge we faced was designing topical and visual elements which could be easily applied by different cities, to run their own energy efficiency campaign that suits their specific needs.

We created a ‘bubble’ approach that allows the topics and corresponding visual to be included or removed from a poster as needed by the city, so they can be truly tailor made. The different topics – from home insulation to water saving – are all shown in one overarching poster, but with different options available to cities according to their goals. The approach is easy to understand and follow, and most importantly adaptable. After implementation by the cities, and based on their feedback, we will develop a campaign guideline for general use in European cities. The project was completed on behalf of the RE-SEEties program, with our main partner Energiaklub.

Concept: Gyula Gábor Tóth, Design: Rita Honosi