Let’s catch the runaway energy (Campaign strategy and visuals)

Along with ‘Together, we can save more’, we designed this campaign toolkit for 8 South-East European cities, to run their own energy efficiency campaigns. Given the complex topic, we chose to use a simple and understandable message and visual: the runaway energy – which can be electricity, gas or even water that we don’t use efficiently. The simple character used also makes the campaign perfect for educational purposes, helping to visualize the often-invisible energy topic.

Through this unique project, we developed the strategy, visuals, as well as easy-to-edit tool packages, so all of the elements can be tailored by each city to fit their own needs. The tools included posters, roll-ups, banners, social media elements etc. After implementation by the cities, and based on feedback, we will develop a campaign guideline for general use in European cities. The project was completed on behalf of the RE-SEEties program, with our main partner Energiaklub.

Concept: Gyula Gábor Tóth, Design: Lívia Hasenstaub, Character design: János Orbán